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Can I take my CBT and Full test on a sidecar outfit?

Only if you are registered disabled. The test differs from the standard test taken on a solo motorcycle in a number of ways. We strongly advise you to contact the Driving Standards Agency to clarify the current rules for this test

Is a motorcycle and sidecar the same as a trike?

No, trikes are a specific vehicle category having symmetrically placed wheels. They have different licence and taxation requirements to motorcycles.

Can I ride a sidecar outfit on my car license?

No, you cannot. All car drivers, regardless of when they took their car test, must pass a CBT before riding an outfit on the road. Remember as far as the DSA is concerned a motorcycle and sidecar is a motorcycle with an attachment not a car or a trike.

Can I ride a sidecar outfit of any size on the road with just a CBT?

You could, but to bring the UK into line with EU law this has now changed. You will require the same licence as you would for a solo bike of the same size.

I have passed my test with a category 'A' License (restricted), what outfit can I ride?

You can ride a bike with or without a sidecar as long as it conforms to the licence you hold. It is very complicated so please CLICK HERE to see the government site.

Can I fit a sidecar to right side of the motorcycle and ride it legally in the UK?

If the motorcycle was first registered in the UK before 01/08/1981 you can legally ride it in the uk with a right hand sidecar fitted. After that, it is illegal. Link to the actual law for clarity - CLICK HERE. Note this law clearly states date of registration NOT date of build. This is a UK law so date of registration refers to date of registration in the UK. MORE DETAILS HERE

Do I need to wear a helmet when riding a sidecar outfit?

Yes, you do, it is registered as a motorcycle. Passengers in the sidecar are not required to wear a helmet, but if the passenger is on the pillion seat of the motorcycle they must wear a helmet.

Do I have to get a new MOT and tell my insurance company
If your motorcycle is old enough to need an MOT it is important to have it MOT tested as soon as the sidecar is fitted even if it already has an MOT as a solo. You should also contact your insurance company and tell them you have fitted a sidecar. Your premium will almost certainly not change, but you should tell if you modify your bike in anyway.
Can I tow a trailer with a sidecar Yes, but limited to 1 meters wide and there are weight limits. More details, CLICK HERE

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