The Dart sidecar is an all steel lightweight sidecar suitable for motorcycles from as small as 250cc right up to motorcycles weighing 200 kg. The large wheel and swing arm suspension give excellent ride comfort. The standard hagon shock absorber has been specified by us to give a perfect compromise between control and comfort. The tubular steel chassis has been designed to work with all of our fittings keeping with our aim of supplying sidecars that can be fitted at home. Accommodation is comfortable, but basic, there is no option for a full weather hood on this model. The shape has been inspired by the Steib sidecars of yesteryear, but it is not a copy. It looks great on classic and custom bikes without looking out of place when attached to more modern motorcycles.

We have worked extensively with our manufacture on the design of the Dart sidecars. They are built exclusively for us and are in no way connected with any other sidecar that may look similar. They offer excellent value if you are looking for a lower cost option for a smaller lighter motorcycle. They are not suitable for very large or powerful motorcycles.

Our Dart sidecars are built entirely from steel including the body. The simply sidecars range is all about producing an affordable sidecar for the home fitter or DIYer. Many will be sprayed by their owners to match the bike. The paint and finish as supplied reflects this. It does have imperfections, it often has runs, and is not a show quality high gloss you may find on sidecars costing 3 times as much. Many people decide the finish as supplied is fine, especially if they are fitting to an older motorcycle. If you need a much higher quality sidecar please take a look at the SPORT, TOUR or CARGO sidecars from the Velorex UK range.

We offer two separate ranges of sidecars. The low cost all steel simply sidecar range of classically styled light weight sidecars and the higher quality but still well priced GRP bodied Velorex UK range of sports and touring sidecars.

UPDATE - Unfortunately due to quality control issues with have temporarily stopped the production of the SWIFT and DART, however the European produced CARGO, SPORT and TOUR are excellent value for money offering build quality usually only found on much more expensive sidecars. We are therefore happy to continue to act as the UK sole importer for the Velorex UK range of sidecars.

Simply Sidecars Dart Specifications and Prices
Sidecar including chassis, body, suspension, wheel, mudguard, seat, tonneau cover, locking boot and rubber mat
Universal 4 point fitting kit SD/KIT (bikes up to 25 hp or 150 kg)
Universal 5 point fitting kit SD/KIT HD (bikes up to 50 hp or 200 kg)
Universal 6 point fitting kit SD/KIT EX (bikes up to 60 hp or 200 kg)
Front marker light and rear stop/tail light set for home fitting
Indicator set for home fitting
Wiring loom contains high quality ultra thin aircraft wire, sheaving, with connectors pre-attached for home fitting
Lights and indicators pre fitted and wired

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