The SPORT GT offers luxury accommodation and can be used either fully enclosed or as an open top tourer. The frame for the hood can be left in position allowing the hood to be fitted or removed quickly in changeable weather, or removed completely and folded to store in the luggage compartment. The hood has zip openings in both sides for ventilation, which can be used a lower speeds. The front section of the body rises effortlessly aided by a hydraulic ram to take the weight. The well padded high back seat has been ergonomically designed to offer all day comfort with good lumbar support. The main luggage compartment behind the seat holds approximately 80 litres and there is a small area under the seat for items you need to access quickly. Both compartments are secured using the single lock located inside the sidecar. Additional bulky, but light weight items such as sleeping bags can be secured to the rack on the back of the sidecar. Standard equipment includes full carpeting, padded interior, screen, hood, hood frame, front nudge bar and a small external rack.

Suitable motorcycles include but are not limited to, Ural 650/750, Royal Enfield 500, Triumph Bonneville, Triumph Scrambler, Yamaha XS650, Kawasaki W650, Guzzi V7, Harley Davidson Street 750, most British bikes and many Japanese cruisers. There are many many more, but this list should give an idea of the type of traditional frame needed for simple fitment.


As with the other sidecars in our range the SPORT GT is equipped with a well braced swingarm, 20 mm wheel axle, strong 3 bearing 16 inch wheel, and a well braced chassis. The ride quality is excellent providing both good suspension control and a high level of comfort. Sidecars have come a long way from the ancient designs using cheap trailer components and mini wheels. All our sidecars are manufactured in Europe to a high standard.
Velorex UK SPORT GT Specifications and Prices (including VAT)
Sidecar including chassis, body, progressive suspension, wheel, mudguard, pre wired lights, seat, full weather hood, screen, locking boot and carpets
Universal 5 point extreme duty fitting kit SCV/KIT EX (motorcycles up to 90hp or 300kg) purchased with a sidecar
Braked wheel kit, all parts required to fit brake to wheel including a long cable. Does not include any fittings to the bike.

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